Alain Bruel is a multi-instrumentalist musician, accordionist, composer, arranger and teacher. His work focuses mainly in the orchestras where the composition, improvisation and the traditional music references are the cornerstones.
In 2006 he was dedicated to the creation of incidental music for the Center Dramatique de Tours with the works’ Victor ou les enfants au pouvoir “and” Insoupçonnable “Tanguy Viel.
After September 2005, it creates more music for the Center Dramatique de Tours for the opera “Des crocodiles dans tes rêves,” and shortly after “Kachtanka.”
Alain Bruel performs with many groups in the south west of France, including the “show-bal jazz dance ‘Bernard Lubat, the group” une too passe’, a trio with Jean-Marc Padovani and Jean-Marie Machado, and other ensemble with Doudou Gouriand, Michel Marre, Patrick Bouffard, Eric Bretheau.
In his career, Alain has written music for many works of dance as “colors de vida” and “flowing water” choreographed by Vandetta Mattéa Jonhson, and “LISA”, a group of historians dancers.
He had the opportunity to perform in the following countries: Israel, Romania, Poland, Germany, Italy, Burkina Faso, Benin, Cambodia, England, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, Mali, Cape Verde, United Arab Emirates.