Due to their wide-ranging repertoire, the accordion duo SJÖBLOM-KANDIĆ stands out as a unique within this particular instrumentation.

The duo is dedicated to performing with equal passion whether playing contemporary works for two accordions, including electroacoustic compositions, or Baroque and classical music.

Occasionally, Sjöblom and Kandić work with the physical space of a concert hall to explore the spatial acoustics of the room. They also expand the sound palette of their already extremely agile instruments with tape parts or direct the listener’s focus to a single accordion.

The accordionists Terhi Sjöblom and Marija Kandić have been playing together since 2010. They hold degrees from music academies in Helsinki, Weimar and Würzburg and have studied with professors Stefan Hussong, Ivan Koval and Matti Rantanen. The duo won first prize in the 47th International Accordion Competition in Klingenthal (Germany) in 2010 and, in the same year, embarked on a concert tour presenting works of contemporary Finnish composers in Germany, Serbia and Romania. In 2012, at the Țintea Music Festival in Romania, the duo worked closely with 7 composers, premiering new works by each of them, in addition to holding a workshop.

Duo Sjöblom-Kandić recorded “Doppio Duo” by Stefano Bonilauri for the portrait-CD of the composer.