The festival, celebrating the accordion love, will take place on Saturday 26 May 2018 at the Chamber Music Hall of the Berlin Philharmonie at 6 pm. 

Sometimes delicate and gentle, other times vibrant and passionate, from classical music to avant-garde; here the accordion is represented in all its phonetic and stilistic diversity.

Through its interaction with the string orchestra, the newly introduced instrument establishes itself within the philharmonic context.
Among the featured artists, there will be the five-time accordion world champion Grayson Masefield from New Zealand, the multiple award winners Matthias Matzke and Michael Rettig, the Russian virtuoso Anna Kryshtaleva as well as her teacher Yuri Shishkin.

Internationally successful accordion duos like »Accosphere«, Alena Budzinakova and Grzegorz Palus , and »con:trust«, Daniel Roth and Marius Staible will present their skills on the stage.

The string orchestra will be conducted by the Ukrainian conductor, composer and accordion virtuoso Vladimir Zubitsky.
The festival also comprises some smaller concerts at other Berlin venues and a master class with star accordionist Grayson Masefield.

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