“The rising star of the accordion” (A. Gasponi, il Messaggero). Saria Convertino was born in 1987 in Mottola (Southern Italy). She started with the piano accordion at the age of 8, and then move on the chromatic system, in 2005 under the guidance of Maestro Massimiliano Pitocco at the Conservatory “S. Cecilia” where she graduated with honours.

She subsequently accomplished the II Academic Level in Accordion and in 2014 she achieved the Second Academic Level in Chamber Music with Maestro De Matteis. In 2016 she reached the Master in Interpretation of Contemporary Music.

She had the chance to keep on improving her skills over the years with well-known Maestros such as: V. Semionov (Russia), O. Murray (United Kingdom), S. Hussong (Germany), Y. Shishkin (Russia), F. Angelis (France), M. Rantanen (Finland), Gianluca Pica (Italy), Alfred Melichar (Austria), Jacques Mornet (France).

She won several national and international competitions including:

-The Italian “Award of the Arts 2011”, organizes by the Ministry of Education, representing the Conservatoire “S. Cecilia” and the accordion class of Maestro Pitocco at the Conservatorie “N. Piccinini” in Bari;

-The International competion “Luigi Denza” which resulted in the assignment of an award concert within the International Festivaò of Karditsa, Greece;

-The competition annoucement “Rec&Play”, organized by Cidim, with the assignment of an award concert held within the festival “New Careers” at the Academy of Denmar, in Rome;

-The national competition Soroptmist International of Italy “Talents for music 2009”, where she ranked as the first Italian talent after a regional selection;

-“The Award Via Vittoria”, set up for the 5 best graduated students of the Conservatoire “S. Cecilia”.

She was invited by Mancuso Brothers to the Theatre “Argentina di Roma”, to perform the premier of “Simmu Water” by Marco Betta.

She performed “Hymnen” by Stockhausen, for electronic, concrete music and for soloists, at the Gardens of the Roman Philarmonic Academy.

She worked with the actor Ennio Coltorti in the show “ITALY” performing in a duo with the pianist Sabrina Trojse under the direction of Imma Battista.

She made an extensive list of concerts in Italy and all around the world.

She taught at the Conservatorie “S. Cecilia”, Musical High School “Giordano Burno”, Scheherazade Academy and Praeneste Academy. Actually she is teaching at the Conservatory “Luca Marenzio” of Brescia, and to the AIMART, International Academy for the Music and Arts Education, in Rome.