Sergey Osokin was born October 6, 1981 in Kolomna, Russia. He started playing the accordion at the age of 6 years. His first music teacher was A. Makarova, just in Kolomna, and in 1995 he continued his musical education in Moscow under the teachings of Professor Andrey Ledenev.
After finishing the school of music in 1997, he entered the Schnittke’s State Music College in Moscow where Professor Andrey Ledenev continued to follow him. In the summers from 1998 to 2004, Sergey was educated by Professor Yuri Shishkin Master Class “New Names” in Suzdal, Russia, and after completing his studies at the Schnittke’s State Music College in Moscow, moved to Schnittke’s State Music Institute, concluded in 2004, when Sergey joined the Gnessin Academy of Music where he was followed by Friedrich Lips.
Sergey in his career he won numerous competitions of national and international caliber as: Klingental (Germany, third category, 1999), the “Cup of the North” (Russia, Cherepovets, 2000), “Big award of Don” (Russia, Rostov -on-Don, 2001), “Spring voices” in various categories (Russia, Moscow, 2002), in Surgut (Russia, 2004).
However, among the greatest victories of Sergey Osokin we remember the most important international competitions such as Klingental (Germany, 2002), the International competition of Arrasate-Mondragon in the tenth edition (Spain 2002), the International competition in Castelfidardo (Italy, 2003 and a special prize “Excelsior”) and many others.
Sergey participates in many international festivals in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Spain, Slovakia, Serbia, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, China, North Korea, USA, France, Italy and regularly takes place in music festivals such as “Bayan and bayanists “.
In 2006 Segey became the accordion soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic Society. He is currently an active concert accordionist and often performs as a judge at many international competitions.