For our faithful and passionate customers, the accordions built by us, are not just simply musical instruments.
They are history pieces of the Italian liuther’s shop, they are instruments of attractive passion, always on the move with the harmony of musical tones.
Our accordions are the means by which our musicians discover the power and the charm of the craftsmanship of our region, sharing it with people who represent and prove the Pigini experience.

Like many other Italian successful histories, Pigini started with a small dream and a lot of hard work.
Everything began on 6th June 1946, when Filippo Pigini registered the company “F.lli Pigini di Filippo” for the Chamber of commerce of Ancona.
They immediately shipped several samples by activating trade relations with USA, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Argentina, Egypt and Pakistan.
Right from the early days, Pigini has always supported the evolution of its instruments through radical changes and sophisticated restyling.


1946: the care to the experimentation of new wood more sonorous, lighter and more selected;
1948: the aesthetic evolution, thanks to the cooperation of many sculptors;
1961: the development of convertor and the birth of a specific productive department;
1968: the application of chin registers, introduced in the first performing instruments;
1976: the Convertor 42/b model, first converter compact but at the same time complete;
1981: the Sirius model, built so far in more than 1500 samples;
1987: the Mythos model, example of international collaboration and extraordinary top of quality;
1989: the Peter Pan model, converter for children from 5 years;
2000: multi chin registers, celebrating the presentation of Sirius Millennium;
2002: the Simba model, micro instrument for children from 2-3 years;
2008: the Nova, the last to arrive of the concert range.

All these beautiful successful histories have always taken an important place in the heart of passionate musicians.

The 2017 was born a new model, the Sirius Kyma….  To be continued!

Nowadays, Pigini create and sell more than 200 accordion models and it exports in 42 countries around the world.
Dear musicians, we will keep searching alongside you new directions, new emotion, new accordions.