Since his childhood Tadas Motiecius was always struck by the music. Tadas Motiecius was used to listening to his father when he was playing at home. He liked to sing in the ensemble of the school, participate in music lessons, but a real musical career professionally began almost by accident. At ten years old, a classmate offered him to play the accordion together. Without saying anything to the parents, Tadas Motiecius enrolled in the School of Music. Thus in 2004 in Šiauliai Saulius Sondeckis art school and here he began his friendship with the accordion. For eight years he has participated in lessons as professors Marytė Markevičienė, and here Tadas has realized that music would be his life.

In 2012 Tadas Motiecius begins its journey to the Lithuanian Music and Theater Academy in the class of the doctor and teacher Raimondas Sviackevičius in 2014 and studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, following the lessons of Professor Geir Draugsvoll. Each new lesson, concert, known inspires him with a stream of positive emotions. The joy of discovery, creativity, the audience are the reasons why it takes the stage.
The accordion, universal tool, is constantly revealed in numerous musical genres.
Tadas Motiecius listener wants to provide a new experience of music for accordion, with a view of music and creativity.