Terms & Conditions

The order made from this web-site will be settled exclusively from the following general terms of sale, that pass or exclude any other arrangement agreed or preexisting among pigini.com and/or related companies and the CUSTOMER, connected to goods ordered, means entirely accepted or subscribed, without exception. Pigini declines any responsibilities for the inappropriate use of this website and for possible related link from the customer. The use of the content of this web-site and the compilation of the order with the required personal data is on user’s liability. In case of improper use or false and unlicensed information on the compilation, Pigini cannot, therefore, be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages.

These General Sales Conditions have as object, the sale of products booked online through e-commerce service on the Pigini.com website. The main characteristics and the product prices (included any possible additional cost) are clearly mentioned directly on the website.

Products information are available on the Pigini website, and are provided in accordance with Articles 52-53 of Consumption Code.
Pigini commits that details, description, products pictures present on the website are exact at the time of the publishing; however, within the constraint of the law, it does not guarantee that such details, description, product pictures are accurate, complete, reliable, updated, or without mistakes.
The products descripted on the website and any possible promotional sample are exclusively for personal use. The customer is not allowed to sell or resell the products or the promotional samples of goods received. Pigini reserves the right, with or without notice, to stop or rather reduce any possible supply of products or promotional samples if, at its own discretion, it is right to consider that the customer’s behavior can result in breach with the current General Sale Conditions.

All the sale prices of the products indicated on the Pigini website are stated in Euro and include Italian VAT.
Shipping costs are not included in the purchasing price, but they are indicated and calculated at the conclusion of the purchasing process before the payment.
The CUSTOMER agrees the right of PIGINI to modify prices in any moment, however the goods will be invoiced according to the prices indicated on the website at the time of the order and indicated on the confirmation mail order sent by PIGINI to the CUSTOMER.

The availability of the goods refers to the real availability at the time when the CUSTOMER makes the order. Such availability must be however considered purely indicative because, as a result of the simultaneous presence of several users on the website, products may be sold to other CUSTOMER before the confirmation order.
As well, following the confirmation mail order sent by Pigini, events of partial or total failure of goods can occur. In this case, the order will be revised automatically with the elimination of the product not available and the CUSTOMER will be informed by e-mail.
If the CUSTOMER requires the order annulment, solving the contract, Pigini will refund the amount payed within 14 days from the day when Pigini become aware of the customer’s decision to solve the contract.

Customer can make the payment only by bank transfer or with Paypal method.
In case of Paypal payment, the real charge will take place at the time when Pigini will send the confirmation mail.
In case of bank transfer the evasion of the order will take place only at the credit reception from Pigini of the due amount.

All the orders are fulfilled and delivered on weekdays (Monday-Friday, excluding festivities). The orders made on Saturday and on Sunday won’t fulfilled up to the successive Monday.
We accept only orders with delivery within the EU territory; we won’t deliver products to P.O. boxes.
Shipment costs will be paid by the customer, and they are mentioned separately on the order form.
The goods will be delivered by express service to the address indicated by the CUSTOMER at the moment of the order within and not more than 30 days from the date of the reception by the CUSTOMER of the mail confirmation sent by Pigini.

The risk on goods ordered will pass to the CUSTOMER at the time of delivery by Pigini to the courier. At the reception of the goods, the customer must always check the integrity, exactness and the entirety of his order and he is required to specifically communicate, in writing, possible defects, mistakes or lacks within 8 days from their finding by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The damaged goods must be returned to Pigini, preferably with the original delivery packaging or anyway with an appropriate packaging to prevent and to avoid any kind of further damages, only after receiving the specific authorization from Pigini, by courier service at the entire charge of Pigini. The goods received in error will be returned to Pigini by courier service. Returning costs will be paid by Pigini. In this case, any responsibility for any damage will be attributed from the CUSTOMER to Pigini, and the customer cannot claim any right with that party, except the return of the price of the defected goods. Pigini is not liable for possible losses or thefts during the transport.

The customer can withdraw the order without any sanction, as long as he sends a written communication to the mail address [email protected] within and not more than 14 working days from the date of the order to the seller. The withdrawal made after this deadline will not be considered as effective, and it will not release the customer from the due payment, keeping valid the order. If the goods are already delivered, the customer is required to return it by courier service at his charges or making it available to the seller not more than 14 days. The goods must be returned intact, preferably with the original shipment packaging or anyway with proper means to prevent and to avoid any kind of damages, and the customer will remain responsible for custody until the real delivery to the seller, according to the instruction required.

The goods purchased in this website is subject to warranty of 12 months from the delivery (excluding materials subjected to common usury), that, where necessary, the customer will active through written communication by registered letter to Pigini. This warranty is valid only if a good use of the goods has been done, it will not be valid in case of tampering, fortuitous event, and illegal use of goods.

The use of the purchased goods is the only one established by law and the one to which the goods is intended by nature. Any possible crooked or illegal use will not give rise to any seller responsibility to customer or anybody else benefit.

These General Sales Conditions are settled by Italian law and must be interpreted according to the Italian laws.
Any possible controversy resulting from the interpretation, validity and / or execution of these General Sale Conditions, will be subject to the obligatory jurisdiction of the courts for the place of residence or domicile of the seller.

The whole content of this website is Pigini property: it is strictly forbidden the distribution, reproduction, retransmission, even partial or any other use without specific authorization of the property. The reproduction or the use of graphic images here reproduced, are not allowed, as well as the layout of the present pages and any other specific characteristic of the website. Any use of the site, different from the one to which it is intended, such as distribution, publication for profit of contents in it reproduced, modification, processing in any form and way, will be considered abusive and punished by the law.

The content of this communication is subject to the current privacy legislation. Customer personal data collected will be treated in compliance and in accordance with Law Decree 196/2003 and s.m.i.