The The Balcony Players are an energetic and touring band that draws its desire to do by the smiles they can tear the spectators with their impregnated music Gipsy and Klezmer sounds.
The group has a full international education, with members from the Netherlands, Belgium, Peru, Jan Oleans.
They are: Moniek de Leeuw (violin and vocals), Johan de Pue (guitar and vocals), Ilse Roskam (accordion and vocals), Martin Masakowski (bass, vocals), Luca Susti (percussion, vocals).
Their music combines different cultures and backgrounds of each of the participants with a mix of traditional music Gipsy and Jewish recreating sounds perfect for entertainment and dancing.
The Balcony Players met in May 2009 and from there began to be known performing on their balcony, and it is from this that take the name “The Balcony Players”). Since that time the Balcony Players have performed in many festivals and concerts both in the Netherlands than in any part of Europe. In August 2010 they started their European tour traveling and living as real Gypsy, playing in the streets, in the woods, in clubs and on the balconies.
In 2011 the Balcony Players have spent a whole year to travel through Europe and America, with their Ford Ambulance. Just in Europe have focused in the Balkan countries as well as to learn more about the life and music of the local community in order to know the original rhythms.
On this occasion they have got to know a lot of gipsy band and broaden their musical horizons.