The TocoticoTrio was created in order to evoke the original entertainment at the base of the word “play” in different languages ​​of the world.
The music of Medir Bonachi, Mario Milani, Loris Stefanuto goes beyond academic form and is dedicated to the creation of original melodies and sophisticated harmonies, embroidered on a rhythmic texture of great energy where the most unique percussion, from different countries of the world, it color plots.
The members of the trio are all teachers at the Conservatory of Music in Mantua, propose a path of Dances and Original Compositions immediate emotional impact where the piano, the accordion and percussion dialogue in a continuous interplay between musicians and audience.
The themes of the songs recall some dances from different countries of the world: Scent of a Woman, Bossa nova Cris, Movida Tango Storto and take us back to the rhythms and melodies of Latin America, while the ‘Habanera, Desigual, Tarantella, Musette and Romance make us travel between Spain, Italy and France, and finally East, Dancing Macedonian Czarda and make us experience the energy of the ancient tribal dances and folklore of Europe dell’Est.Il recording project was born following the success unanimous public and critical acclaim obtained by the Trio during live concerts, and especially by demonstrations of respect and encouragement from colleagues who have encouraged to continue this new genre fact of ethnic, jazz, latin with a strongly marked by writing to the canons classics but also leaves room for improvisation
the arrangements and the music is taken care of by Mario Milani.