Xu Xiaonan is a young accordionist who excel in the accordion class at the Central Conservatory of Music under the guidance of a teacher of international fame, Prof. Cao Xiaoqing.
Born in 1990 in Qinhuangdao, a coastal town along the Bohai Sea, Xu began playing the accordion at the age of six years, under the guidance of Feng Jian and Meng Hui.
At the end of 2003, Xu Xiaonan began playing the accordion at low dissolved following the teachings of Professor Cao Xiaoqing.
In 2005, Xu was admitted in the School of the Central Conservatory of Music as the best of all the candidates. In November 2011, Xu was elected as the first among the most innovative musicians in an innovation project, known as the “Best of Best”.
It deserves to be mentioned the victory of the 65th Coupe Mondiale (CIA). Xu is the first Chinese champion in the 75-year history of the trophy since the competition was launched in 1938.
It ‘also holder of the 61st World Trophy (CMA) here as well as the first champion from China since 1951.
Meanwhile Xu is also very active on stage, organizing special exhibitions involving numerous art festivals such as the twenty-second International Festival of Accordion Artists in Kragujevac (Serbia) and the twenty-ninth day of the international festival of music. At the same time, his performances and his concerts were presented in Neubrandenburg in 2007.
Besides his works, among which we mention the piece for solo accordion “the Melody of Spring, Guerilla Variations” and the piece of chamber “autumn leaves Story” music were included in “Chinese Accordian’s new works”.
The CD that we announce today, you can listen to the playback of the songs with which he won Xianonan Xu. It is an album with songs for accordion free bass, recorded by Xu Xiaonan, winning four of the major events of international importance accordion.