Zoe Tiganouria studied harmony and counterpoint at the “Nikos Skalkottas” Conservatory.
Meanwhile Zoe has given numerous concerts where the main pieces were his own compositions and made hundreds of recordings as an accordionist.
In the course of his career Zoe has collaborated with many singers and songwriters graci as D. Galani, G. Dalaras, H. Alexiou, Marinella, G. Parios, E. Arvanitaki, M. Hatzigiannis, K. Hatzis, M. Frangoulis, V . Papakonstantinou, N. Papazoglou, K. Macedonas, M. Lidakis, T. Tsanaklidou, A. Remos, A. Kayaloglou, M. Kana, A. Moutsatsou, O. Peridis, P. Thalassinos, A. Ketime, G. Andreatos C. Dantis, and many others.
In 2006, after a series of successful collaborations with renowned Greek artists, Zoe form his own band, called “Latin Sense” and starts a national and international tour.
from that year he has recorded 5 albums and a solo CD.