Nihad Hrustanbegovic, born on June 7th, 1973 in Bijeljina is the Bosnian-Dutch film composer and master of concert accordion. He started with playing of accordion at age of 9 and finished the music school in 1988 at the accordion class of professor Nijaz Aliustic and in 1992 in the Music High School in Tuzla in the class of professor Midhat Zulic. During the music education in Bosnia and Herzegovina Nihad Hrustanbegovic was one of most talented music student’s and he won also the first price at the Bosnian music competition in 1991 in the category accordion soloist. In September of 1995 Nihad Hrustanbegovic continued music education in Kingdom of Netherlands at ArtEZ in Arnhem in class of the professor Miny Dekkers where he received the degree Bachelor in 2000 and in 2002 in the class of Gerie Danen degree Master of Music with Cum Laude. On his master concert in 2002 he played the very complex modern, classic music and world music compositions. During the music education in the Netherlands he was also following the master classes and lessons of the most remarkable accordion teachers of the world: Friedrich Lips, Margit Kern, James Crabb, Mati Rantanen and Helka Kimalainen. As accordion teacher Nihad Hrustanbegovic was working at ArtEZ Conservatorium in Arnhem 2010 – 2013, in France for the Dutch International Art Agency Artedu 2007 – 2013, for the Bosnian association Udruzenje muzickih pedagoga BiH in Dubrovnik in 2004 and he was the member of the jury at International Accordion Competition in Sarajevo in 2006. As the composer and accordion concert artist Nihad Hrustanbegovic is since 2002 involved in classical, jazz, pop, contemporary, sevdah, flamenco, minimal, free improvisation, cross over and film music. In march of 2007 Nihad Hrustanbegovic presented in the Kingdom of Netherlands his first solo album titled ‘The Best of Concert Accordion at the most famous Dutch TV show De wereld Draait door. In the april of 2007 his first composition Wereld promenade become the music tune of the new TV commercial of Heineken Extra Cold and his music performance at the De Wereld Draait door was voted by the dutch public as the best music performance of the year at De Wereld drait door. His first solo album become the bestseller in the category accordion CD in Netherlands and Nihad Hrustanbegovic was also awarded from the Bosnian community Platform BiH I Mladi BiH with award “Bosnian Personality of the year’’ in the Kingdom of Netherlands. In 2008 he composed and played the soundtrack Bosnian Marcia Funebre for the documentary film of Mustafa Hadziibrahimovic titled ‘Zemlja nestalih”/ “The land of missing people’. During 2009 he made his concert debut with Grace Jones in Paradiso, with The Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam and with Al Di Meola in Metropool. In 2010 Nihad Hrustanbegovic presented the second solo album Opus 7 The Cross over during his first accordion solo concert in Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam and in 2011 he presented the third solo album Live in Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam. He received for his all 3 solo albums excellent quotes and critics by many music newspapers in Kingdom of Netherlands. Some of them where with highest level which is possible: “What Pablo Casals did for emancipation of the cello, and Astor Piazzola of the bandoneon is Nihad Hrustanbegovic doing for accordion. He gives a ‘poor man’s piano’ admirable place at the Concert stage” written by journalist Stan Rijven for Dutch news paper Trouw. Nihad Hrustanbegovic was also guest in al majors Dutch TV programs for music DWDD, Top 2000 A GoGo and Vrije geluiden. In 2011 he played for the second time solo concert in Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam and gave al profit of the concert to the humanitarian organisation in Bosnia for the blind musicians in city of Zenica. In 2012 Nihad Hrustanbegovic composed and played the soundtrack for the Swiss short movie Zimmer 606 of Peter Volkart. Zimmer 2012 is presented at many film festivals world wide and become also the winner of several national and international film awards in 2012 such as Méliès d’Or for the Best European short film at The International Festival of Fantastic Cinema of Catalonia, H.R. Giger Award for Best Swiss Short Movie, Taurus Studio Award, Silver Méliès Award for Best European Short Movie at Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival. In 2012 Nihad Hrustanbegovic composed and played Opus Magnum 12 and had several solo concerts in The Netherlands and his third solo concert in Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam. In November 2012 Nihad Hrustanbegovic composed Poem for the Knight In Memoriam for Kees Bleichrodt, director of Dutch Association UAF who past away on November 21th 2012 , and played the Poem for the Knight for Kees Bleichrodt during memorial service on November 27th 2012 in Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. Nihad Hrustanbegovic has been played more than 1000 concerts since 1995 and some of them become remarkable and unforgettable like the Concert of Stichting UAF 50 year Jubilee in the Concert Hal Vredenburg in Utrecht in the presence of Hear Majesty Dutch Queen Beatrix in 1998, in the Knights’Hall of The Hague in 2005 in presence of former prime minister Ruud Lubbers, in 2009 in Concert Hal of Paradiso in Amsterdam with Grace Jones, as the soloist with jazz conductor Henk Meeutgert and The Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw Amsterdam and finally with Al Di Meola in concert hall of Metropool. He played also in 2001 and 2002 with Dutch band called Flairck and Mediterranean Sundance in 2003 -2006 in all 113 Dutch theatres and had his debut in concert halls of Belgian, Czech Republic, England, Finland, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Luxemburg.