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22th September 1977 – 22th September 2017… 40 years have passed!

It was the 22nd of September 1977 when I started to work at the Fratelli Pigini Accordion Factory, since then 40 years have flown by!

I was 19 years old and I was very young with many ideas in my head. My father Gino was my first and most important mentor.

Then, thanks to the help of all collaborators who have walked beside me during these 4 decades,  I have had the great opportunity to choose, make mistakes, try and try again, go back and forth, travel new and unexplored roads and keep hold of secret old traditions.

If I look back I can see thousands of beautiful high quality accordions sent all over the world, I can still hear great artists and passionate enthusiasts playing our instruments, I can still feel the emotions of the first international fair and the pleasure in receiving the sincere compliments of a parent who had purchased the instrument for his child.

It’s almost impossible to name the hundreds people who have helped me to grow professionally and supported me in this marvelous journey. Families, friends, collaborators, suppliers, customers, artists, all of you have helped me with a continuous exchange of strength, warmth, hard work, enthusiasm and joy.

I would like to give a big thanks to Francesca, who has shared this beautiful, challenging, passionate adventure with me for many years; strong and revolutionary ideas have blossomed from our lively discussions.

I also wish to thank Federico, who is already here, strong and ready to take up the challenge for the next 40 years.

In 1977 when I started making accordions in this company, I had a secret dream, secret because some dreams cannot be unveiled…

AND THE DREAM WAS to project a solid company, strong in tradition, cheerful in leadership, ready and open to changes, young and full of new dreams for the future.

And…… 40 years have already passed so maybe, I say maybe, I have succeeded in fulfilling this dream. Or better, we have done it all together!!!


And the story continues … with other dreams to let come true…

Massimo Pigini