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Have you ever been one with the music leaving all the hustle and bustle behind?
Soaring high above the turmoil of daily life, the Accordion Music Week Festival welcomes everyone to be mesmerized by music from which you cannot escape from!

The festival strives to continue the tradition of surprising our audience with beautiful and colorful palette of music at the most unexpected venues all over the city. This year, the runway to the takeoff of the festival will be the Lithuanian Zoo in Kaunas. You will find three stages with different performers and a program suited for the entire family.

Among the guests Iñaki Alberdi and Carlos Mena who will perform soaring up with the Renaissance in perfect synthesis of the accordion and countertenor, followed by the performance of the four harmonica virtuosos known as the lyrical gangsters of Sväng.

Pietro Roffi and Kristina Kuzminskaitė will show Bach in Bazaar concert creating an unforgettable dialogue of the accordion and organ on the topic of J. S. Bach.

There will be also Franz Albers und Kapt’n Kruze, Evelina Sašenko and Nerijus Bakula.

Martynas Levickis Inner Disco is a concert where he and the SinChronic quartet, will reveal what takes us up on cloud number nine.

The week of music will be crowned by the traditional Accordion Marathon. For some of you, it will be a nostalgic reflection of sweet youth, while for some this performance will mark the very first flight on the big stage.

This is what the music you cannot run away from is going to tell you this year. The credit for the cover of the festival agenda goes to Algis Kriščiūnas, the mind and soul behind the visual idea of the music taking flight, who thoroughly visualized the credo and inspired all the participants to go on this adventure.

Do you have what it takes to spread your wings and fly with us? Visit Accordion Music week this year in Lithuania!

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