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Between Paths – Wiesław Ochwat

Performing musical pieces, belonging to modern music, is a musical path of every “classically” educated accordionist. Repertoire played by modern performers.

Contemporary composers’ attitude is connected with the constant evolution of the instrument itself, which, over the years, has changed, expanding its capabilities and satisfying the expectations of following generations of composers. The evolution of the model of the modern accordion has been not completed. Unexploited or even unknown aspects of the instrument, in terms of color, sound effect, as well as composition language and techniques, are still being explored all the time. Such dynamic has been the major motivational factor for Wiesław Ochwat to investigate the phenomenon.

The CD “Between Paths” shows his research regarding Polish solo literature. The knowledge he has gathered during the doctoral studies at Music Academy in Cracow, and the cooperation with composers have enable him to gain valuable material in the form of seven compositions for the accordion solo or accompanied by electronic media, which introduce new and fresh aspects of the accordion, mostly unknown.