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Pierre Polveche Concerts

Born on July 5, 1983 à Roubaix, Pierre began studying the accordion at the age of six years in his family, before meeting Frédianne Basile in Cambrai, where, thanks to her, he discovers the classical accordion.
A few years later, he entered the regional conservatory of the Courneuve, in the M ° Frédéric Guérouet class in which he obtains his diploma and an advanced course.
With the desire to share his passion, in 2006 he joined the “Center de Formation des Enseignants de la Musique”, where he attended lectures by prestigious masters such as Arlette Biget, Marie-Hélène Popelard, Philippe Boivin, André Bon, Marc Lys , Valérie Guéroult and master classes under the guidance of Myriam Bonin and Olivier Innocenti. He gets his degree in 2008 and currently is a professor at the Conservatory Communal de Clichy la garenne.
Finally, in 2011, he devoted himself to jazz and contemporary music within the Center des Musiques Didier Lockwood. Simultaneously, he studied alongside Stéphane Guillaume, André Villéger, Benoît Sourisse, André Charlier, Pierre Perchaud, Marc-Michel Le Bévillon, Marc Bethoumieux, Vincent Peirani, Orlando Poleo, Alain Debiossat, Jean-Marc Brisson, Frédéric Loiseau …
In addition to this, he is dedicated to live performances. A lover of all kinds of music, loves to compete even with new disciplines, such as theater and the circus, following several musical projects as: Serial Tango, Klezmer Kaos, Les Pierres de cristal, le grand Bal Pop’hilare.
As a composer, he devoted himself to several projects like music documentaries, for “Il est minuit, Paris s’éveille” Yves Jeulan, film music, including “Vive la France” by Michael Youn … From 2014 is exclusive composer of music Polveche trio.
The reality, what he loves, is performing. Often with Polveche trio, sometimes enriched with guests and special characters, and with the band “Sages comme des Sauvages”. She often collaborates with artists such as Néry Catineau, Frédo des ogres de Barback, ou encore Julien Clerc.
September 15, Musicothérapie à l’Orangerie, at 15.00
September 23, with his friend Fredo Les Ogres de Barback to 21e30
October 1, Musical Event at the RAM de Gargenvile @ RAM de Gargenville to 21.00.
October 13, @ Musicothérapie à l’Orangerie L’Orangerie at 15.00
October 19, with Polveche trio – tour in Germany Cologne @ 21.00