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“Discovery” by Gail Campanella

Had not her grandfather, Americo Lorenzini, purchased an accordion in a black suitcase for her mother….
Had not her mother, Lorene Lorenzini, kept her old accordion in its black case in the basement….
Had Gail not made the discovery of the mysterious black suitcase, and upon opening it, seeing its most amazing contents….
The accordion has been part of Gail’s life ever since her childhood discovery.

Gail dedicates her first solo Cd “Discovery” to her grandfather, Americo Lorenzini, the first of his Italian immigrant family to be born in America, to her mother, Lorene Lorenzini Gardetto, without whose love and nurturing the Cd would not have been possible, and to ALL the people and the land of Weldona, an Italian-American farming community in Northeastern Colorado.

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