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“Flowers of Love” by Reet Laube

“It is a magic trip that reveals the true nature of the life” the new album “Flowers of Love” of the Estonian accordionist Reet Laube gives the flawless Pigini sound to the listener by moving him great emotions. Starting from a soft and caring sound, it goes to a relevant vulnerability. Thanks to the accordion, Reet brings her humanity like a beautiful pattern on ice.

“To be honest it has been very difficult for me to write something since it’s very personal” the artist says; the album evokes something very deep that can’t be explained with words, it needs just to be heard.

“It is the most honest way to express love” she tells “I believe that music can help people giving them strength and hope against the daily difficulties of the life like illnesses for example, I am happy then that this album has been touching many hearts”.

Her work shows true colors like a flower spreading its kindness, and through these notes she reaches every soul.