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Lecce Accordion Project live

Michele Bianco, Giovanni Fanizza and Francesco Coluccia are “Lecce Accordion Project” energy infusion and contemporary music that is created between the three components in a concert. As the best youth, boast are granted, in particular to the repertoire presented, with inside tracks as Mutta and Fatum, able to contort in a grimace of the musician voltage, in order to keep the breath of the Bayan. To see them play it seems that we are ahead of a play in ‘performing compositions by Alfred Schnittke, where every word needs the physical support and harmonious body. In their repertoire there are also tracks of Motion Trio in which there is an explosion of charge and strength, characterizing element of the trio.

Therefore we advise you not to miss their next live event, on the occasion of the second edition of the Festival “Land between two seas”. In collaboration with the association “The Musician”, the Lecce Accordion Project will perform near the Cathedral of Gallipoli, the dell’Episcopio Show, September 15th at 20:00 with a show with free admission. Do not miss them!