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Rafal Luc submits his new album of his Duo

The accordionist Rafał Łuc and the violist Ian Anderson, contemporary music lovers, formed the Duo van Vliet, dedicated to the expansion of the viola and accordion repertoire.

Their debut album, released in June 2017, is an introduction to, and an overview of, what an unusual duo combination can do.

The work includes three such commissions — two being solo works and one being a duo work, to introduce them individually as well as in a partnership.

And aside from believing that too much of a single style in a single programme is a recipe for boredom, they enjoy finding music from across history that they think works in their combination.

About Rafał Łuc “deep engagement with the expressive potential of his accordion that distinguished his recital…maturity beyond his 21 years” Neil Fisher, The Times.

Rafał plays a Pigini Sirius Millenium accordion, made on special order according his requirements to highlight its musical abilities.