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Discover the new catalog Pigini

We continue to create innovations and excellence in the accordion world. Picking up new goals in crafts of the accordion and the fruits of our work for you is the new Pigini catalog, renovated in form, in color and in the layout.

The Pigini catalog offers 60 different models of accordions that are able to meet the most demanding needs. The tool, in fact, has to fit the person using it, whether he is a young beginner or an accomplished concert pianist.

Absolute novelty of this new edition of Pigini catalog is the Key: each as an instrument represents a special icon, and browsing the catalog, model by model, you can intuitively understand the characteristics underlying the model that you are watching and have the certainty that face you.

For decades the best music schools and the most famous faces of the accordion will serve the Pigini confirming the prestige of accordions Pigini. The merger of respect for the tradition of craftsmanship and use of modern technology mean that Pigini amp their wealth of experience and moves in ever wider horizons. Each Pigini tool is a work of art built with quality materials. The wood is carefully chosen. The voices, the soul of the instrument, are produced in own and are known worldwide for their quality sound. Varnish, felts and skins are the best quality in order to achieve an excellent tool, accurate in every component.

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