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“Sensations” the latest album of Iñaki Alberdi

Iñaki Alberdi introduces his last disc drawing the attention to his past, to his origins, and to his special relation with this kind of repertoire. The album features music firmly anchored in tradition emphasizing different ways to know the accordion, for example its origins as an instrument and its means of expression.

The journey begins with Aragón by Isaac Albéniz. The accordion was the instrument, that in 1887, introduced the Spanish composer Joaquín Turina to the music. Turina’s Prelude for Harmonium or Organ reveals him his most intimate and spiritual part. This is followed by a clear, limpid construction imbued with rhythm and a youthful, fun-loving character, Ernesto Halffter’s Dance of the Shepherd Maiden is a delightful, revealing example of simplicity and immediacy.

With all his elegance and his painstaking care for gentle, well-articulated tone, Antonio Soler is the nexo composer. The Tiento in the Fourth Mode, by Antonio de Cabezón connectes with Gabriel Erkoreka’s Cuatro diferencias, that sounds as a music truly spiritual and pure.

Finally Piazzolla marks the end of the itinerary.